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CommonCircle Exposures

The CommonCircle Exposures app helps to identify possible exposures to COVID-19 cases using Bluetooth low energy (BLE) proximity notification through the privacy-preserving Apple Google API.

A demonstration of CommonCircle’s privacy-preserving use of the Apple/Google Bluetooth proximity exposure notification API is here: YouTube

CommonCircle Assist

CommonCircle Assist provides a series of tools to support the user. CommonCircle Assist informs users if they were (or are) near to hot spots, and allows the user to access other relevant public health messages. The Assist app allows users to enter and track symptoms associated with COVID-19 and provides tools for symptom tracking and as a memory aid in case a user gets sick. Users decide how and when to use these tools for hot spot discovery, symptom tracking, or to support contact tracing interviews. The app downloads public health announcements in bulk and automatically filters the possibly-relevant alerts for users when spreading events occur in their community.

A demonstration of a prototype companion app from mid-May illustrating privacy-preserving features to support public health contract tracing, public health communication, and user needs is here: YouTube

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